6 min virtual reality experience

Playing with frame rates to control the passing of time, Natural Reality 2:1 plunges the user into a fully immersive contemplation of nature, human relationships and technology’s role within these two vital elements of life. The film contains sections of time-lapse with digital composition and normal frame rate with natural audio. The ratio of time- lapse to normal frame rate within the 6 min film is 2:1 – the same ratio of time per day that the average person spends connected & disconnected to devices within a 16-hour day.

Virtual Reality is an astounding technology that has the ability to disconnect us from reality more than anything that has come before it. By employing this incredible new medium, Natural Reality 2:1 highlights the power of technology to inspire and create, as well as hint at its power to take something away from us.

Directed by Dorothea Gibbs, Produced by Rupert lloyd, Camera and Post by Onsight. Made possible with the generous support of Human Nature & Abundance.


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