After seeing Chris’s videos for Aphex Twin, Bjork asked Chris to come up with a music video for her. They chose a track, Chris wrote a storyboard, they shot the video and Bjork waited to see the finished piece. All is full of love is an example of what happens if you trust an artist and leave him to create something on his own, this video looks as perfect today as it did in 1999. We like this video because it manages to be cinematic, telling a short story but also being faithful to the track: All the sounds are and integral part of the story – twiddles and crashes correspond exactly to the mechanics and robotics represented in the story. Our hope is that, with VR, we will see a resurgence in the art form that is the music video – an opportunity to experiment with music and visuals in an even more immersive way, allowing you to really be present, hearing the music.

Watch the full music video here
Watch the “Making of” All is Full of Love here