Gaspar Noe was the first filmmaker I wanted to talk to when I trialled the Oculus DK2 in 2014 and started to imagine what we could do with this new technology. Both Enter the Void and Irreversible offer up first person narratives putting the viewer right in the centre of the action (mostly in extreme situations you would hope to avoid in real life). Although neither film are actually “one take”, they are edited so they seem to be. The result is extremely effective for a cinema film as the drama is unbroken, fast paced and makes you feel like you cannot look away. However for VR, it is almost vital. You cannot edit a spherical (VR) image in the same way as a traditional camera image: your image is always as wide as your vision so you cannot do cutaways* or close ups. Therefore shooting your narrative in one take is really helpful if you are making a  drama in VR.

*You can add cutaways by cross dissolving and teleporting but not in the same way as traditional film as it is jarring to move locations.